a new novel from leora krygier

coming september 2016



When a water main bursts in rain-starved Los Angeles, Maddie and Aiden's worlds collide in a whirlpool of love and loss

 Do you believe in meant-to-be?



Destiny doesn’t factor into seventeen-year-old adoptee Maddie’s rational world, where numbers and scientific probability have always proven to be the only things she can count on as safe and reliable. But Maddie is also an artist who draws on her instincts and intuition to create the collages she makes from photographs and the castoff scraps she saves. When her brother falls in with a Los Angeles street gang, though, something happens to Maddie - she loses her ability to create art. 

   Then fate deals Maddie a card she can’t ignore: Aiden, a young filmmaker she meets when a water main bursts inside a camera store. Aiden is haunted by the death of his younger brother, and a life-changing decision he must now make - whether or not to keep his baby daughter. Caught in a whirlpool of love and loss, Maddie and Aiden find that art and numbers, a mission to save endangered whales, and a worn-out copy of Moby Dick all collide to heal and save them both.










Inspired by the true story of a 2008 Greenpeace mission to save whales in the Southern Ocean.